Business Analysis Career Path

Business Analysis is one of the most sought-after and rapidly growing areas of expertise in business and government today. ALC offers a world-leading Business Analysis training program at Foundation, Practitioner and Diploma levels.


Additional information on each of the above mentioned courses as well as our full Business Analysis Training Portfolio is detailed below. 


International Diploma in Business Analysis

The BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis is an internationally-recognised qualification designed for business and IT professionals who are serious about business analysis and want to demonstrate they have a detailed understanding of business analysis best practice. To attain the Diploma it is necessary to complete four modules – Foundation plus 3 Practitioner – and to then sit an oral exam.  ALC offers the three Practitioner modules needed to satisfy the Diploma requirement. See details below and also please refer to the BCS web site.



There are two leading bodies in the world of business analysis – IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) and BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT.  The two organisations collaborate for the furtherment of the business analysis profession.  ALC offers the BCS curriculum on our public schedule and has the IIBA curriculum (ECBA, CCBA, CBAP) available for in-house presentation.   We recommend the BCS Business Analysis Foundation as the more robust starting point for any individual or organisation starting out on business analysis.  


Getting started in Business Analysis – ECBA or BAF?



ALC’s Business Analysis Training Portfolio

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  • Business Analysis Foundation™ (4 Days)

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    The ideal course for anyone entering the field of Business Analysis. Comprehensively covers the principles and techniques of Business Analysis and is relevant to business analysts, business managers and their staff, business change managers, project managers and system developers. This is also the starting point for anyone wanting to attain the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis. [ Register, dates and fees, full details > ]

  • Business Analysis Practice

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    This course is intended for those who already have a business analysis role and want to gain a deeper understanding of business analysis strategy and application. You’ll learn how to apply a range of business analysis techniques including how to develop a business strategy and how to explore a business issue. This course is also one of the two core modules for anyone wanting the BA Diploma.  [ Register, dates and fees, full details > ]

  • Requirements Engineering

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    This Practitioner course is designed for people who want to elicit, analyse, validate, document and manage requirements. You’ll learn how to take a systematic approach to eliciting, analysing, validating, documenting and managing requirements. This course is also one of the two core modules for anyone wanting the BA Diploma. [ Register, dates and fees, full details > ]

  • Modelling Business Processes

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    This Practitioner Course is designed for people who want to understand a range of business process modelling and analysis techniques, know how they are used and identify when to use them. You’ll study how to investigate, model, analyse and improve business processes. This course satisfies the Practitioner module requirement for anyone wanting the BA Diploma. [ Register, dates and fees, full details > ]

  • AgileBA® Foundation & Practitioner

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    The Business Analyst is a critical role within an agile project team. With more and more organisations adopting agile approaches, the AgileBA® training and certification scheme has been developed by APMG in partnership with the Agile Business Consortium specifically to meet the needs of business analysts working in an agile environment. [ Register, dates and fees, full details > ]