Project Management Resource List

Looking for access to all the project management resources out there?

Here we have an overview of the stand-out and classic sources of project management information and tools out there to
ensure your future projects are all a resounding success.

Information is divided into categories, simply click on a category to be taken to the relevant section of the page.


The Project Management Answer Book

by Jeff Furman, PMP

If you want a quick and easy book on project management, this provides a quick reference guide. Set out in an easy question and answer format, it’s extremely handy for quick use. The common problems discussed here make this book a good one for both practical purposes and PMP study.

Project Management Lite: Just Enough to Get the Job Done… Nothing More

by Juana Clark Craig, PMP

Refreshingly free from jargon, this book is suitable for those new to project management. If you find yourself project managing with little idea of what you’re doing, the handy worksheets and checklists will help you easily and effectively execute your project without getting too technical.

Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (11th Edition)

by Harold Kerzner, Ph.D

If you’ve ever studied project management, you may have come across this one as part of your textbook list. And that’s because it offers an extremely comprehensive overview of the principles and practices that make up modern day project management. This edition features more than 30 new sections on PM processes like sponsorship, teamwork, and project closure.

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management

by Scott Berkun

Written by celebrated project leader Scott Berkun, this book differs from your standard PM fare in that it offers a collection of essays on subjects from leadership, strategy, and decision making. This is a breath of fresh air compared to the outlined collection of subheadings and processes that make up most project management books. Berkun has led software projects for Microsoft for ten years, so you can trust that he knows his stuff!

Project Management for Non-Project Managers

by Jack Ferraro

This book breaks down project management jargon into terms that a complete beginner can understand. It’s a useful one for managers with lots of practical experience who are looking to get qualifications, as it provides an easy introduction into the language and theory of project management techniques and terminology.

Guide to Project Management: Getting it Right and Achieving Lasting Benefit

by Paul Roberts

The author of this book, Paul Roberts is the founding director of change management consultancy While this book does go over the process of project management, there is an interesting analysis on the importance of agreement and cohesion within an organisation, as well as engagement of stakeholders, in order to ensure the success of a project. There are also great visual aids such as charts and diagrams.

Decisive: How to Make Better Choices in Life and Work

by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

The best decision for your project can be a tricky one to make, especially if you’re getting emotional during a stressful situation. This book offers insight into some simple processes that will help you make the best decision for the good of the task at hand.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… And Others Don’t

by Jim Collins

From a list of Forbes 500 companies, Collins examines the common factors that mid-performing companies shared on their road to huge financial success. This book includes easy ways to compare your own business to these greats, as well as offering advice to better the performance of your projects.

The Deadline: A Novel About Project Management

by Tom DeMarco

Why not enjoy a good story as you learn about project management techniques? This quick novel tells the story of Tompkins, a recently kidnapped project manager with an intimidating deadline set out in front of him. Tompkins decides to split his massive staff of software developers into 18 teams to test different approaches and assumptions in the world of PM.

Agile Estimating and Planning

by Mike Cohn

This book is ideal for high players in the project management field who find themselves often facing complex and uncertain projects. Cohn offers practical advice in scheduling, planning, and estimating in order to make your agile project goals a reality.

Death March

by Edward Yourdon

This book is about those nightmare projects you may be asked to manage at some point in your career; those ones with unrealistic deadlines, aims, funding, and staff. There are helpful tips in here for maintaining your sanity and dealing with core issues to relieve the pressure on you and your team. The book has a particular focus on IT projects.

The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition

by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

A project management canon originally written in 1975, the new edition of this book offers expansion and wisdom that stands the test of time. There’s a particular focus on managing large IT and software projects by this ex-project manager of IBM.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

by Patrick Lencioni

Another fictional tale imparting project management wisdom, this novel talks about the importance of leadership governing team dynamics. Kathryn Petersen is CEO of a company that looks poised to cash. The 5 dysfunctions of a team are discussed here, and a questionnaire is provided for managers to assess the state of their own team and to build strength.

Brilliant Project Management: What the Best Project Managers Know, Do, and Say

by Stephen Barker and Rob Cole

Covered here is how to ensure your project’s success based on delivering what is promised in terms of budget, schedule, and concept. With some 35 years of experience in the industry of project management, the writers have substantial authority when it comes to their advice in staff training and all facets of the PM sphere.

Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams

by Mickey W. Mantle & Ron Lichty

For the software project managers of the world, Mantle and Lichty have written a guide to mitigating the management of often eccentric IT workers and developers. They share their techniques that are tried and true, and those that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

Strategic Project Management Made Simple - Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams

by Terry Schmidt

Written by the founder of, this book provides advice on the important questions you should ask before setting out on your project. There is also a methodology to help you break down the most complex of project goals in order to achieve them.

Crystal Clear: A Human Powered Methodology for Small Teams

by Alistair Cockburn

You can have all the methodologies and guides under your belt in the world, but if your team is rubbish your project will fail. This book discusses how to best set up your team so they can get the job done with ease. It also discusses the lightweight software development methodology of Crystal Clear without compromising your budget.

The Lazy Project Manager: How to Be Twice as Productive and Still Leave the Office Early

by Peter Taylor

This book focuses on how to get the most out of your time os that you can reach optimum productivity. Taylor’s techniques aim to help you prioritise the most important part of the work day and achieve a good balance between work and relaxation that will help you avoid burning out.

Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (11th Edition)

by Harold R. Kerzner

This is a hefty reference manual that goes deep into the world of project management. As well as going over the key points that can make a project a success, it also features 25 case studies that exemplify these key tenets in order to bring them to life.

Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering From Project Failure

by Todd C. Williams

Not all projects you’ll be involved in are destined to succeed. This book talks about how to turn perceived failures into opportunities for learning and ensuring your success in the future. By analysing what went wrong and learning from other failed projects you can ensure your own project will be one well done.


ProjectMind’s Quick Guide to Project Management

by M. Singh

This book is clear, concise, and offers simple instructions for project management based on PMI methodology. It’s been written in order to be useful for those with a senior career in project management, as well as those just starting out.

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21 Ways to Excel at Project Management

by Duncan Haughey

This eBook is a guide on how to succeed in project management, with a bit of a history lesson as well. Haughey goes over how companies realised the benefits of organising their work into projects during the later years of the 19th century.

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7 Deadly Sins of Project Management

by Brad Egeland

Mistakes are a normal part of life, but in project management they can become huge, expensive messes. In this eBook, Egeland goes over the most common and costly mistakes in the field of project management so that you can avoid them yourself.

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Project Management Can be Easy! Fast Track Guide for Accidental Project Managers

by Perry Wilson, PMP

This eBook is ideal for the accidental project managers out there. It aims to give lots of pragmatic tips that anyone can apply to the task at hand, even without any experience or training in the field of project management. It will help you start, plan, manage, and communicate your project.

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The Practical Guide to Project Management

by Christine Petersen, PMP

This eBook goes over the essential principles of project management, but also focuses on the more human side that will affect your project at the same time. Petersen understands the importance of team management, solid leadership, how people react to change, and what they can mean for the cost and success of a project. This guide combines the theoretical with the human aspects that will affect how your project is realised.

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UTS Program Guide to Project Management

by Thistle Anderson

Compiled by Thistle Anderson of the acclaimed Australian UTS, this guide is easy to use and clearly laid. As you’d expect, it’s a perfect eBook for those studying Project Management, and provides lots of templates to accompany the explanations of PM concepts.

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The Principles of Project Management

by Merri Williams

A great overview of the core principles of PM, this overview aims to break down project management so that you can do well with a variety of different projects. Williams says that project management isn’t rocket science and that no matter what your budget, team, or timeframe may be, all successful projects depend on core principles.

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Risk Management How Tos

by Global Risk Community

This eBook is a guide on understanding the most important factors that make up Risk Management. No project will be without risks, and it’s necessary for all project managers to understand how to manage, mitigate, and eliminate risks whenever possible.

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Project Management Processes

by Paul Newton & Helen Bristoll

All projects are made up of identifiable cycles. This free eBook is designed to help you figure out what the most appropriate project management process is for your project. Learn about the processes and what methods apply to these processes to ensure your project’s success. It’s a process party!

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The ePMbook

by Simon Wallace

This eBook covers the principles of online project management as well as traditional offline strategies for keeping your projects in check. Available online only, the book is divided into two sections - The Project Manager’s Day Job goes over practical day-to-day activities that a PM will have to do, and Night School covers the more conceptual issues and thoughts that make up project management.

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Project Management Book

by Michael Harding Wallace

Another eBook that is only available on the website, this comprehensive guide is made up of 14 chapters that cover solid project management. It spans across introductory principles to roles, project definition, planning, tracking, quality management, and finally a route map to visually encompass the lot.

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Mastering Software Project Management

by Hsiang Tao Yeh

This eBook applies the management principles from The Art of Business by Dr. Raymond Yeh and Ms. Stephanie Yeh to software and system project management. The focus here is well and truly on technical projects, and covers aspects such as software process control and the architecture of a software system.

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Student Survival Guide to Managing Group Projects 2.5

by Stephanie Ludi

This online read is specifically to help students survive their group projects. Written by a computer science student, the author felt the need to help those in her highly competitive field to succeed in group software engineering projects. If that is your niche, then this is the project management reading material for you.

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Managing a Project Team

by Paul Newton & Helen Bristoll

Project management has its own set of complications and situations that may arise when compared to managing people in your average department setting. This book goes over the different challenges that project managers face when it comes to getting the best out of their team members.

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Managing a Project Budget

by Paul Newton & Helen Bristoll

A well managed budget is key to the success of any project. This eBook goes over how to set the budget based on cost estimates, as well as managing costs so they stay within your budget’s parameters.

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The Lasa Computanews Guide to Project Management

by Martin Jones

With cartoons by Phil Evans, this is a comprehensive yet concise project management guide. Very accessible, it comes complete with cartoons so it’s a lot less dry than the many project management tomes on offer out there. There’s a bit more of a focus on project management for creative types than the other more process-heavy guides.

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NASA’s Journey to Project Management Excellence

by Edward J. Hoffman & Matt Kohut

This 7 chapter eBook goes over how NASA manages their projects. It applies the principles of project management to NASA’s highly technical space endeavours, which makes it an interest read for those space buffs out there.

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Project Management Scalable Methodology Guide

by James R. Chapman

This guide is based on scaling up the structure of the Project Management Body of Knowledge as defined by the Project Management Institute. This online-only eBook gives you the tools you need to select the project management techniques you need to make your specific project work. It’s quite a technical read.

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Practical Project Management: A User’s Guide to Getting Things Done

by Martin VanDerSchouw

As the title suggests, this eBook focuses on action rather than theory. There’s a little bit of information to get you started, and then it’s all about building your project up.

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Managing Project Quality

by Paul Newton & Helen Bristoll

You may be able to get a project done on time and within your budget, but is the outcome one that everyone is really happy with? This book discusses how to use quality policies, team objectives, and a sense of responsibility to come up with an outcome that everyone is satisfied with.

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TED Ed - What is Project Management?

This is a quick video that explains what project management is in simple terms. It’s a good overview for both beginners and those getting bogged down in theory, explaining the basics of completing a one-off project on time and on budget.

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Tom Wujec - Build a Tower Build a Team

This TED talk by Tom Wujec, fellow at Autodesk design software company, talks about how skilled collaboration is key to bringing a good design to life. Wujec uses the example of teams building a marshmallow tower with spaghetti, tape, and rope to back up his ideas on what it takes to do well in this endeavour and what this reflects about project management.

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This YouTube channel, created by online PM software vendor, has received some 1.4 million views since March, 2011. Most videos are a good mix of PM processes, core principles, and advice, and feature a person using a real project for an example.

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Susan Cain - The Power of Introverts

This talk makes a case for valuing the quieter members of a team. A good project manager will play to the strengths of each individual in a team, and introverts statistically tend to make sound decisions while being overlooked for a louder colleague for leadership roles.

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Project Management Tutorial Videos

If you’re interested in design and construction as well as PM, this YouTube channel will most likely appeal to your interests. There are over 170 videos, with a combined focus of virtual design and project management for you to peruse.

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Dan Pink - The Puzzle of Motivation

Former political speechwriter and career analyst makes a case for unconventional incentive methods. According to Pink, rethinking the rules of conventional management acts as a great way to engage employees and get great results from your team.

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Project Management Institute Videos

This is the YouTube channel of the PMI, the project management profession’s biggest association of membership. There is an array of PM content on offer with about 100 videos in total. Content tends to be short with videos rarely maxing more than a few minutes long.

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Itay Talgam - Lead Like the Great Conductors

Itay Talgam compares the methods of six great orchestra conductors to management styles common in the workplace. An unconventional comparison, this video gives an interesting insight into how management can guide the end result of a project.

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Simon Sinek - How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Personal motivation comes from having a good reason to get things started. Simon Sinek discusses how managers can inspire workers to understand their own motivation and connect it back to the organisation or company. If you can make people feel connected to their workplace, they will give it their all.

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Association for Project Management Videos

If you want to know what’s happening in the European PM sphere, head to this YouTube channel. is the largest professional association of its kind in Europe. The channel features PM training, association news, and more, including 1 hour lectures.

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Shawn Achor - The Happy Secret to Better Work

Shawn Achor discusses how happiness leads to greater productivity in the workplace. A funny and inspiring talk, Achor explains how organisations can make life better for employees and raise their profits and the chances of a successful business outcome at the same time.

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This project management YouTube channel is the ideal study resource for those who want to sit the PMP certification test. Created by PMP exam training company PM Champion, there is also practical advice about PM jobs and information on the PMBOK.

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Ahmed Ali

This YouTube channel of an IT training website also features some informative videos about PMBOK and PMP training as well as AutoCAD instructions. The channel is officially registered to the website, and has about 60 videos with 341,000 views.

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Jason Fried - Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

According to Jason Fried, the things that stop productivity the most in the workplace are M&Ms, or Managers and Meetings. This video is a great one to inspire PM managers to come up with productivity strategies that think outside the office space.

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Amy Cuddy - Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Amy Cuddy is a Harvard Business School professor who knows a thing or two about how to do well in the business world. Here she discusses how we sit and stand can negatively or positively affect our chances of success. It's an interesting one, as not many PM strategies place importance on our bodies.

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Adept Knowledge

While there are less than 20 videos on this YouTube channel of a PM training/consultancy firm, there are good numbers of views, so you know the content is engaging. It features short tutorials on PM subjects such as float trend analysis and earned value analysis.

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Tony Robbins - Why We Do What We Do

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins talks about how our emotions will govern our actions. With this in mind, Robbins encourages you to explore your own emotions so that you can better understand what drives others - a great video for PM managers to watch.

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Richard St. John - 8 Secrets of Success

This TED Talk is short and sweet. Speaker Richard St John spent 10 years trying to understand the success of the best in the world, and says it all boils down to doing what you love.

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Chris Croft

Registered to a UK-based business trainer, this channel has some 77 videos that discuss business factors like time management, sales, and of course project management. It is aimed at both individuals and larger companies.

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International Institute for Learning Videos

This company is a training, consulting, coaching and educational provider for companies who need help with project management. The content on their YouTube channel features conversations with experts, industry tips and more.

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Software / services


Basecamp is the go-to tool for collaboration on project management tools. The interface allows for simple use between client and your team. Create and share different projects, discussions, to-do lists, documents and dates, on your smart device or on your computer. Basecamp’s basic plan starts at $20 a month.


Huddle is another app that lets you collaborate easily and intuitively to get your projects done efficiently. Huddle has a great file management system, as well as options to bundle Web, audio, and video conferencing. It's simple enough to start using right away.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects lets you set up complicated tasks thanks to its Gantt chart options. Intuitive and simple to use, there are detailed timesheet and reporting options including pre-made templates, and you can add as many users as you like. It's free, but it can be worth upgrading to the paid plan to get more than 10 MB worth of storage.


This management tool has a real focus on the financial side of project management. You can easily import expenses, track payments, and get your invoices paid directly with PayPal or other credit card payment options. Very useful come tax time!


This PPM tool is a quick install and quite easy to use. One of the stand-out features it offers is its What-if scenario and Capacity Planning that lets you prepare for real-world problems.


Bitrix24 is a project management system that offers features comparable to PM’s current go-to software, BaseCamp. You can add up to 12 users for free, and afterwards it is $99 per month, which can a be a little costly for small businesses or startups. However the features are excellent: employee workload planning, Gantt charts, layered task options, and great communications tools.


Asana is one of the most popular project management apps available, and free for up to 15 users. It's simple, and a great way for teams to keep in contact. The calendar function on the dashboard graphs tasks right on the dashboard, and can also be used on its Android app. It's only downside is that you can't use it offline.


Trello is a project management tool that lets you see your progress visually. It works by organising cards that represent your conversations and to-do lists onto a board that everyone can use to collaborate on. It's also free, with the option to expand to a gold package for $45 per year.


Stand-out points of this project management tool are many. Unlike most free PM apps, you can add as many users and projects as you like, and there is no storage limit. You also can integrate with essentials like Dropbox and Google Drive. It also has native apps for iPhone and iPad.


This free project management and scheduling app lets you create an array of ways to manage your project. Notably it lets you make Gantt and PERT charts and create reports in HTML and PDF formats. Another plus is that you can note problem areas and try to rectify them. It's an overall great tool, but not for beginners.


AceProject lets you keep an eye on the progress of your projects, including tools for expense and employee management. Unfortunately the UI has received poor reviews, but it could be worth a try if you are a small business looking for a free PM tool.


This PM app is specifically design for software development projects. You can easily communicate and share files with your team, track bugs, as well as see which tasks take the longest to complete. This lets you figure out what needs to change to get the job done quickly. For $10 per month up to 10 users can use Jira.


This project management tool has a big focus on facilitating communication. Aside from the features that traditional PM apps offer such as task management and file storage, it also acts as an internal intranet and can be transformed into a CRM system. Plus you can personalise Podio to suit the changing needs of your business.


This free app give you practically everything you need for free. Highlights in this task management app include results measurement, progress tracking, and the creation of tasks that can be applied to multiple task lists. You can also turn emails into tasks super easily.


This PM application easily integrates with your business tools like Dropbox, Excel and Google Apps. It also lets you convert emails into tasks in a few clicks, and has the traditional features such as task set-up. It is free for the first 5 users and then costs $49 per month.


One of Freedcamp's best features is its dashboard that lets you see the progress of your project right away. It's very visually intuitive, with a calendar and sticky notes. This app comes recommended for both professionals (who can use advance add-ons) and first-time project managers looking to plan something detailed like a big event. It's completely free unless you want the add-ons.


This project management software is a great choice if you use Agile. Its free version has no disk space limit for up to 10 users, and integrates with 84Kids apps like Sprinloops and Chime, plus offers SSH encryption and permissions for clients to view the progress of their projects.

Teamwork Projects

As the name suggests, there's a real focus on integrating your teams' tasks in the one spot with this app to encourage collaboration. There's a marked calendar, Gantt reporting and easy reporting so you can keep track of your team's tasks. You can also easily integrate with leading apps, customer support apps, and users are unlimited with plans starting at $12 per month.


This app offers a lot of task board templates that you can easily tweak to create the ideal interface your your team's project. It's a useful one if you are planning to manage more projects in the future, as you can save custom templates and start new project boards based on your preferences.


Popular with ad agencies, this project management software also has good options for organising your team's timesheet. It's a web-based way of keeping timesheet, which makes it great for those in creative and often freelance industries such as graphic design, communications, public relations and more.


This software is a great way to manage your tasks, project progress, share files and track progress. It uses an interface that looks like a spreadsheet, which keeps things simple and easy to use for your team members.


The following websites provide a range of free templates that you can download to help you with your project
management. Consider the needs of your project and what template will suit them best, and these free resources can act
as a great tool to aid your project's success. Most can be tweaked and tailored to your particular projects and needs.

University of Technology, Sydney

These barebones templates come in the following groups:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Closure

They are quite basic, and intended as an outline from which you can modify according to what your project requires. They are designed for use with Microsoft Word 2000 or Excel 2000.

Initiation templates

Will help you to determine the purpose of your project, to define what the project will deliver, the needs of the main stakeholders, divvying of roles and responsibilities, and the overall project proposal.

Planning templates

Feature charts, schedules, and plans designed to keep your project on track. Highlights and essential PM templates include a Gantt Chart and Combined Resources and Budget Schedule to keep scheduling, as well as a Project Risk Management Plan and Project Plan to consolidate your overall concept and schedules.

Implementation templates

Include templates that you will need as the project plays out in order. There is a Variance (Change) Request template that allows for planning should factors such as time or budget change during the implementation of the project. There is also an issues log that allows you to mitigate potential risks, and a Status Report.

Evaluation & Closure templates

Include a Handover Summary Report for use when the project is complete. The Post Project Review is very useful for any project manager for documenting key learnings, and the Project Completion Report that comes in a good format for a small to medium project.

Other free PM templates on the UTS site include useful items that don't quite fit into the above PM categories. These include:

  • Initial Client Contact forms,
  • Timesheets,
  • Evaluation of Options to help assist in choosing the best path for your project,
  • Human Resources Management plan,
  • Handover plan, and
  • Quality Planning Matrix.
Bright Hub Project Management

This PM site has over 50 free templates and forms to assist with project management.

  • Sample forms,
  • Diagrams,
  • Templates, and
  • Checklists.

There are also a few tutorials that will help you to customise the templates or forms to help give them an ideal fit for your project.

Pre-planning phase

The site features lots of forms and examples that are perfect for informing the pre-planning phase. These will help you to research before you make any important decisions that will affect your project. These include:

  • Writing a Cost Benefit Analysis,
  • Project Feasibility Study Samples,
  • Looking for Gaps: Walking Through a Sample Analysis, and
  • Project Charter Example for Every Project Manager.

Planning phase

There are an array of templates and forms to help you figure out the root cause analysis or underlying problem that needs to be solved by your project. This will help you to plan appropriately and effectively for your project. Information and templates include:

  • Fishbone Diagram Template for the 6 Ms (Microsoft Excel),
  • Written Root Cause Analysis,
  • Root Cause Analysis Diagrams and Forms,
  • A sample template for a Root Cause Analysis Report, and
  • Excel Fault Tree Analysis.

There are also tutorials for Creating Fishbone Diagrams in Excel 2007, Creating Pareto Charts With Microsoft Excel and Creating Fishbone Diagrams in Excel 2007.

Managing scope and stakeholders

The site also includes free templates and tutorials available for managing scope and stakeholders. The idea is to define the roadmap and objectives of the project, and who will be involved in creating this scope. The templates available for this crucial step include:

  • Defining the Project Scope: Tips & Free Template,
  • Get a Free Scope of Work Template and Learn How to Use It,
  • Learn How to Write a Scope Statement and Get a Free Template,
  • Template for Basic Stakeholder Register,
  • Communication Plan Template, and
  • Performing a Stakeholder Analysis.

Planning and execution phase

Advice and templates available for the planning and execution stage of a project are clear and often easy fill-the-blank forms. These are simple and can make a big difference to making your planning more efficient. These include:

  • Free Benefit Profile Template,
  • Tips & Free Template for Developing a Crisis Management Plan, and
  • Free Template for Business Process Improvement Plan.

There are also plans and advice on conjuring a corrective action plan, and project planning forms and templates for Excel.

Scheduling phase

The site also includes advice and documents on Scheduling, which helps you to break down your project into sections and tasks. There are documents and tutorials available to learn how to create Gantt and PERT charts in different formats, as well as what this can help your project achieve. You can also learn how to use Excel 2007 for creating project timelines, critical path calculations, WBS and workflow process diagrams.

Assigning tasks

Another essential component to project management is assigning tasks and managing who is in charge of what. The following information can help to do this, including progress monitoring and ways to track changes. Learn how to keep track of your project's action items and create a monthly team status report in Excel, and how to construct a RACI Matrix. There are also printable log sheets and tracking forms.

Risk management

The risk management phase of project management is also covered on this website. The forms and templates redesigned to help you identify and assess risks that may hinder your project. There's an Excel template for creating a risk register, a sample form for making the risk assessment process more fluid, a CARVER Matrix template and a project escalation plan template. You can also learn how to use excel to make your own risk assessment template.

Other templates and forms that may be useful for you managing your project include:

  • Business travel budget templates,
  • Worksheet for preparing SMART goals,
  • Scrum templates and sales, and
  • Free Six Sigma templates.
Project Management Office of the University of Adelaide

This site has a very detailed array of PM templates that can be used to assist your project. Available for free download, these templates are divided into each state or gate of your project. Each category is concluded with a Stage Gate Review template so you can fully assess each component's progress and get a good idea of how the project will work.

Concept phase

Project management templates in the Concept category will help you:

  • Write a Project Brief,
  • Work out a Planning Matrix,
  • Project Approach, and
  • Stage Gate to each step of your project.


The Feasibility section offers templates that help you create a Business Case, and figure out your Business Requirements and Solution Architecture. There's an Options Analysis template for figuring out the best path to take, as well as a Project Initiation Document and Proof of Concept Report (POC) template.

Detailed design/planning

This section can be filled out once you have finished your research and the best approach to take for your project. This includes templates for creating a Project Plan that covers your schedule, cost, and potential risks. There are also templates for more detailed requirements, and creating a test plan.

At the time of writing, the Build / Configure / Test section was still being drafted, however you can access the Stage 3 Gate Review template to get an idea of how your test reports, training plans, handover plans and deployment plans may fare.


This section of the site has the following templates to assist with reports and reviews after your plan has been put into action:

  • Benefits Realisation Plan,
  • Post Implementation Review, and
  • Project Close Out Report.

Other templates that are useful for those that work in PM include:

  • Project Status Report,
  • Project Resourcing Template,
  • Risk Log,
  • Budget Tracking Spreadsheet,
  • Correspondence Log,
  • Communications Plan, and
  • Project QA Review Checklist.
Tasmanian Government Project Management Templates

This range of free online PM templates are usefully grouped into project size, and also include a guide. This allows you to choose the most appropriate template according to your project's scope and budget. All templates are fully adjustable in order for optimum tailoring to your project needs and available in Microsoft Word format.

Templates for very small projects are useful for those with little PM experience thanks to the inclusion of a guide as well as a project brief. There is an overall project brief and guide for very small projects, a project status report template, and a project review/closure report available for those undertaking very small projects.

The following templates are also available in different versions according to whether your project is small, medium or large in size. They include:

  • Project business case templates,
  • Steering committee templates,
  • Quality management plan templates,
  • Project review/closure report templates,
  • Project status report templates, and
  • Project proposal templates.

There are also size-specific versions of project risk registers.

Project Management Docs

This site has seven Project Management Body of Knowledge’s (PMBOK) templates on offer. Other templates available on this site include;

  • Communications Management Plan,
  • Standardising Work Breakdown Structure, and
  • Project Plans.

There is also a Risk Assessment Meeting Guide. This site has a lot of useful information, but you must navigate your way through an array of spammy links that look as though they will be the useful template. Use with care!

For the PMBOK templates, there is a little bit of information about how each one represents an essential part of the project plan so you can better understand how to make your project succeed. There is a project charter template to assist with creating a sound foundation for your tasks, a project management plan to help create a framework for your project's management, a WBS template for breaking down the work management structure of your project.

The scope management plan template is used for managing the creep of your project, and the risk management plan template will help you to identify and document potential risks for your project so that you can avoid, prevent and mitigate them should they arise.

Finally, there is a template called 'Lessons Learned'. This will help you and your organisation to improve in the future by learning from what unfolded in your project. This project document is useful to archive in order to ensure greater success in future projects.


43 Folders

43 Folders is a website that helps you to manage your time and attention to your best work. It's especially aimed at helping you juggle creative projects, and there are tips for creating life balance in order to assist with advancing your career. It includes tips on tidying up your email, avoiding procrastination, and getting organised.


This website is a good overview of PM resources. There are templates, forums on common PM issues, information on project management books, and more. The blog has regular content including articles, podcasts, and regular features. Plus there is a real sense of community and sharing knowledge.

David Seah

David Sea is a US-based freelance designer who creates productivity tools that you can easily download. His design approach brings your information to live with interactivity. PM productivity tools are available under the categories of Scheduling, Planning, Research, Set Goals, Tasks, and more.

Anthony Yeong's CyberHome

This site offers a solid resource base for PM pillars. There's a focus on the PMBOK and PRINCE2 project management framework and process, as well as other methodologies and even the history of project management. It's a pretty old site though, so much so that there are also links to Bible verse.


This is a great website for those working in the field of project management because it offers daily tips and the latest news in finance, technology and career advice. There are also Lifehack lessons for a small fee, productivity tips, and musings on work culture.

Project Management Degree

This website is a great one for those who love their statistics. Marc Gawley discusses productivity in project management with hard numbers to back him up. There's tabs on productivity, economics, surprising numbers, science, and even travel.

This site is a good compilation of publications, courses and articles about both program and project management. All sources are reputable leaders in their respective fields, whether in software development or architecture, or simply renowned PM thinkers.

Spark Productivity

This website can assist your with organisation and creating a life-work balance in order to help you achieve your goals. Their blog has some interesting ideas about how you can foster group bonding, how to make time management something personal, and lots of other ideas.

Projects at Work

Originally the Chief Project Officer, this site is especially for senior executives and those who work in the upper echelons of project management. There are loads of tools and training resources for informing your team, interesting perspectives and advice, as well as discussions and info about what's going on the world of PM.

2Time Labs

As you definitely know if you've had a look at our PM resource guide, there are a lot of tools and info out there. On this website, project manager Francis Wade will help you develop a plan for managing your time without being overwhelmed by all the resources out there.

Management Help

This is a comprehensive online library of loads of different project management resources. It originally started as a collection of information specifically for non-profit organisations, but there are now links to resources for over 100 different facets of PM. It's a great place for advice, whether your project is for profit or nonprofit.

Fluent Time Management

This site gives you all kinds of advice on how to manage your time. Part of project management is staying motivated to reach your goals, which is where the info on this website comes in handy. There are tips and tricks for avoiding procrastination and getting organised, as well as reviews of project management software and systems.


This website may have stopped updating, but it’s a good basis for info if you are using old systems. It's got semi-vintage info about internet technology and product info for project management resources.

Project Management

This project management site is a real wealth of resources that can help to make your project more successful. Check out over 4000 articles written by people working in the industry, over 1000 project management templates, and a huge online community where you can ask questions and share information.

ITtoolbox Project Management Knowledge Base

This website lets you log in and get access to lots of community generated content for those working in the IT side of project management. Have a look at blog posts, research and forum discussions on the latest in IT project management. The Directory lets you easily search by topics like Database, Hardware, Networking, SAP, Security, and Web Design.

Planning Planet

Self-described as the "Guild of Project Controls", Planning Planet is a website that has been around for some 15 years. It assists it users with access to information about the latest in the industry, as well as to a community with lots of knowledge. There is also a Jobs board for those looking for employment in the industry of project controls.

Project Manager Today

This UK-based website is an online magazine for project managers. As you'd expect, there's the latest news in the project management industry, as well as access to a variety of articles to help you out with your project. They also have a good database of project management books.

Time Management Tao

This blog helps with time management. It's written from a philosophy that a balanced life with reduced stress will help you manage your projects more successfully. It aims to teach how to organise, focus and set goals via blogs, books and online courses.

Green Project Management

There is such a focus on the sustainability of your project these days, and GPM is a website that can help you create and manage a project without hurting the earth. This website offers the services of GPM to assess your project, certification, learning tools, and methodology.


This site has a Sustainability Learning Centre that is run by veteran engineers and project managers Rich Maltzman and Dave Shirley. The resources on this website will help you to run your projects efficiently and with as little waste as possible, and can provide project managers with up to seven PDUs.

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