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Starting a career in IT is easy; deciding which path to follow with so many options is the difficult part. While we at ALC Training offer a number of unique and expertly taught courses, knowing which is best for your skillset and what line of study will benefit you most is crucial before committing to a line of learning.

Our SABSA courses may benefit those wishing to learn more advanced concepts on information security, while project management professionals might find PRINCE2 or Agile better suited to their learning needs.

Below, we’ll look at COBIT and answer some of the more frequent questions to help you decide if our COBIT 5 training courses are for you.

COBIT 5 is approachable enough that it can be applied to organisations of all sizes.

An overview of COBIT 5

Rather than delve into the technical aspects of what COBIT 5 can do – which is covered extensively in our range of courses – let’s talk about the framework in a more general sense. COBIT is designed to assist organisations in optimising their IT processes – achieving this through a balance of benefit realisation and risk level assessment.

As a framework, it allows businesses and individuals to take a more holistic approach to IT-related interests, factoring in the entire end-to-end processes of the business. Used by IT professionals around the globe, COBIT 5 is generic and approachable enough that it can be applied to organisations of all sizes.

COBIT 5 can help organisations achieve their business goals.COBIT 5 can help organisations achieve their business goals.

Better business through IT governance training

As an IT professional, there’s a high chance that, at some point, you’ll be working within a team. Whether you’re part of the team process or responsible for leading and directing the projects within your group, you’ll have a number of core responsibilities.

COBIT 5 is business-focused, making it simple to present as a suitable framework for governing and managing business risk.

One of these is communicating the importance of an effective IT framework to those in executive positions, and since COBIT 5 is business-focused, presenting it as a suitable framework for governing and managing business risk is simple.

Our classes encompass comprehensive COBIT 5 training courses at seven different levels, from foundation through to information security and strategic overview. In the implementation course, you’ll gain a practical understanding of how to apply the framework to business pain points, problems and risk scenarios that you can communicate to others.

Executive courses at a higher level

For those in a senior position within a business, our strategic overview course discusses how COBIT 5 training can benefit your IT department, and covers how the framework establishes itself at every point in the business process.

Designed for CISOs and ISMs, the COBIT 5 for information security training course assists those in understanding how the framework can improve or implement an Information Security Management System (ISMS) within a business. At the culmination of your training, you’ll have a detailed understanding of the framework, including:

  • The differences between governance and management of information security.
  • The skills needed to communicate best practices of these differences to organisations.
  • The expertise required to support the implementation of an information security program within an organisation.
  • The concepts and approaches to allow the effective management of an ISMS.

Further your career with effective COBIT 5 training

We at ALC Training have a long history in IT governance training, offering COBIT training since 2006. All of our course trainers are ITIL-Expert qualified, allowing them to offer a true understanding of the role COBIT 5 will play in integrating with other frameworks and standards.

If you’d like to learn more about COBIT 5 or to book your next course at one of our many training locations, reach out to ALC Training today.

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