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In recent years, there has been a major debate as to whether ITIL certification is as valuable as it used to be, in the face of a new competitor: DevOps. However, with the complexity of specific enterprises and the ongoing need for customer value, the ability to replace one with the other is a problematic. As such, ITIL should continue its success and stay a valuable asset to organisations. 

How can ITIL training synchronise with DevOps?

ITIL certification still attractive to businesses

Unlike what many people think, ITIL's star is far from waning. ITIL typically focuses on the lifecycle of services, from beginning to end, while also providing best practice instructions for IT service management. 

On the other hand, DevOps is a methodology that stresses communication, collaboration and automation. Influenced by lean management and agile development practices, DevOps aims to achieve smooth workflow for product delivery among all possible organisational groups.

These two methodologies are far from mutually exclusive and instead complement each of their strengths and supplementary to their individual weaknesses. 

Even if an organisation does not believe the two methodologies can work together, Gartner released what they called the Bimodal IT framework. By creating two separate forms of IT delivery, one that focuses on stability and continuity and the other on agility and flexibility, a company can draw on the best of both approaches without having to undertake a costly overhaul. 

How can DevOps boost collaboration?How can DevOps boost collaboration?

Moving an enterprise from static to agile

Organisations from all sectors, including manufacturing, IT and services, are constantly trying to deconstruct silos that prevent the flow of information and act as an obstacle to collaboration. If a company fails to remove silos, they can interfere with the optimal use of its resource and capabilities, which can lead to inflexible product delivery. 

Due to ongoing disruption caused by new digital technologies, the IT department of an organisation is more valuable than ever before. If this segment of the organisation is affected by inefficient organisational design, such as silos, a business may not be able to adapt to market dynamics.  

With the sheer variety of business structures, trajectories and niche markets, enterprises need flexible methodologies in an effort to develop specific frameworks that cater to their needs. Both these approaches to IT development tick these boxes. 

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