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Melbourne 18-22 June | Sydney 16-20 July 2018

Brisbane 6-10 August | Canberra 10-14 September | Perth 10-14 September 2018 

ALC’s 5-day Cyber Security Foundation+Practitioner™ is the standout course for anyone who wants a sound understanding of Information / Cyber Security.

The course has 3 special features:

  1. No previous security experience is assumed.  Most security training is either highly technical or is aimed at professionals who have already been at it for a number of years. But what if you or your team members are new, or relatively new? The course follows a robust syllabus that covers all the key areas you need to know. It provides a really thorough coverage of the subject, but doesn't assume prior knowledge. It is ideal for people already in IT who need to get into security.  

  2. Strong, practical focus. One of the special features of this course that is particularly valued by participants is its mix of theory and practical.  Exercises are used to maximise understanding and retention. Strong use is made of a case study throughout, and participants are provided with sample Word and Excel templates.|

  3. Designed for Australian conditions.  The course provides maximum relevance by fully taking into account appropriate sections from the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM). The course explictly covers the ASD Essential Eight. 


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We have many testimonials including the one below.  For more testimonials refer to the link above or download the brochure.

“ALC successfully delivered their Cyber Security Foundation+Practitioner course to a range of analysts and managers within our office. Peter’s skills as a trainer were highly regarded by our staff, and after the course was delivered, it was immediately noticeable that our course participants were more productive and delivering higher-quality work.  Full credit to Peter and ALC for this course.”
Director, Big Four Consulting Firm, following inhouse presentation January 2018

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