• Professional Scrum Master

Wai Ling has been working in and around software delivery teams for more than 15 years. She has been leading and coaching agile teams in small and large organisations across the Netherlands and Australia over the last 10 years. Roles fulfilled include Test Manager, Project Manager, Delivery Manager, Scrum Master, Operational Portfolio Manager and Facilitator.

She has extensive experience in complex financial, insurance and betting environments. Some examples of projects include:

  • Leading agile product development projects as Scrum Master
  • Leading distributed teams across Europe and Asia
  • Creating and managing agile delivery of the portfolio
  • Coaching agile teams as an agile coach

Her passion is to grow and develop teams that can create software that makes a difference. She believes that building amazing teams starts with growing individuals and developing their strengths, talents & passion. She is also actively involved in the vibrant Melbourne agile community, running a self-organisation workshop at the Agile Australia 2018 conference and being a volunteer for LAST (Lean Agile Systems Thinking) conferences in Melbourne since 2017.

As a trainer, she loves to spark healthy discussions for students to get the most out of their training and encourage lightbulb moments through interaction and active participation. She shares practical examples from her broad knowledge and provides helpful case scenarios derived from her extensive work within organisations.