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Dr Gary Hinson PhD MBA started out in IT systems and network administration for a pharmaceutical company in the 1980s, transitioning into information security back when it was known as IT security (well before it turned cyber!). He worked in security and audit for utilities, IT, engineering, defence, financial services and government organizations in the UK and Europe, emigrating to New Zealand in 2005.

Since 2000, Gary has been developing and selling policies and awareness materials (SecAware.com), supporting consultancy clients implementing the ISO27k standards (IsecT.com) while nurturing a 4,000-strong user group for the standards (ISO27001security.com). In conjunction with Krag Brotby, he wrote "PRAGMATIC security metrics" (SecurityMetametrics.com) and remains fascinated by the practical challenges of information risk and security measurement. Living on a small rural farm block near Napier in New Zealand, Gary enjoys the natural beauty of the countryside, spoilt only by the roar of heavy machinery and chainsaws as the surrounding pine forest is being harvested.