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What is COBIT 5?

COBIT 5 is an IT governance framework and supporting toolset that allows managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues and business risks. COBIT 5 enables clear policy development and good practice for IT control throughout organizations. COBIT 5 emphasizes regulatory compliance, helps organizations to increase the value attained from IT, enables alignment and simplifies implementation of the COBIT 5 framework.

ALC Training Program

The COBIT 5 Certificate course is a comprehensive two-day program that provides a foundation level understanding of the COBIT 5 Governance Framework for IT. It covers the need for an IT control framework and how this is addressed by COBIT 5. The elements of the COBIT 5 Framework are explained using practical examples and real world scenarios. You will learn about IT governance issues that are affecting organisations globally and how COBIT 5 addresses the need for sound IT governance practices with a globally accepted IT control and governance framework.

The course prepares you for the official COBIT 5 Foundation Exam organised under the umbrella of ISACA. The instructor will be able to answer questions and provide advice based on personal practical experience in addressing IT Governance, Audit and Management issues.





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