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Emerging IT Frameworks and your IT Operating Model

DevOps • LeanStartup • Scaled Agile • Kanban • Continuous Delivery

New one-day masterclass presented by Dave Favelle

“A blueprint for reshaping your IT function to meet the future needs of the business and to provide a relevant capability to resolve the tensions between business technology needs, emerging technologies and the best way to manage it all”.

While many IT organisations ponder the next steps with ITIL, COBIT or PRINCE2, new frameworks such as DevOps, LeanStartup, Scaled Agile, Kanban and Continuous Delivery are already delivering tremendous value.

Learn all about the new frameworks in this powerful one-day masterclass. Find out how they can integrate with existing frameworks to help build a better, faster AND cheaper IT capability.

The IT Frameworks Masterclass

This masterclass is the end result of extensive research delving deep into the various emerging frameworks as well as the latest releases of existing frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT 5 among others. The merits, attributes and limitations of each have been explored and compared. Not surprisingly, no one size fits all.

8 Dimensions

However, the need for a clear IT Operating Model from which these decisions can be made has emerged – a template for organising the various frameworks into the right operating model to match your service portfolio and sourcing model.

Now you can benefit from this research in one power-packed day! This masterclass will explore the latest thinking and various models and frameworks required to build a better faster AND cheaper IT capability to support your business goals.


Learning outcomes

The aim of this course is for participants to:

  • Identify the emerging IT frameworks relevant to modern IT
  • Understand the application of the emerging IT frameworks
  • Understand the dimensions of the IT operating model
  • Relate emerging IT frameworks to their function in the IT Operating Model
  • Understand how to evaluate the current state of IT using the IT Operating Model
  • Create a blueprint for the future state of the IT function
  • Create a roadmap for developing IT management capabilities to build out the IT Operating model

Who should attend

This one-day Masterclass on Emerging IT Frameworks is of particular relevance to:

  • CIOs
  • Heads of Department
  • Digital Strategists
  • Strategy and Architecture/Planning Managers
  • Governance & compliance managers
  • IT Process owners
  • IT Operations Managers
  • Portfolio/PMO managers
  • Service Delivery Managers

Course contents

  • Business context driving technology requirements
  • Current state of IT maturity
  • Emerging frameworks: their benefits, models, integrations, tooling
    – LeanStartup
    – Scaled Agile Framework
    – DevOps
    – Service Design Thinking
    – Lean IT
    – Kanban
    – and more ….
  • ITIL 2011, COBIT 5, PPM (various suites)
  • Introducing the IT Operating Model and its 8 dimensions
  • Service Portfolio, Sourcing considerations and Operating Model Implications
  • Reconciling Digital and Traditional Enterprise IT
  • Designing and configuring the right IT Operating Model
  • Building an IT Operating Model Blueprint, Roadmap and creating the headroom to deliver it.
    At the end of this Masterclass, participants will come away with a blueprint for reshaping their IT function to meet the future needs of the business and to provide a relevant capability to resolve the tensions between business technology needs, emerging technologies and the best way to manage it all.

Course fees

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Pre-Requisites and Exams

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