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Successful implementation of change requires good governance as well as good management.  So what’s the difference? This course refers   to   international standard ISO 38500 for Corporate Governance of IT together   with the OGC Best Practice framework for Portfolio, Programme and Project Management to   clarify what good governance of change is, and how it correlates to good management and execution.

Learning outcomes

The purpose of this course is to identify and investigate what constitutes good governance of change.   Course delegates will gain insight and understanding regarding how to apply good governance, exercise overall control and make the key decisions while also delegating day-to-day management of change to the appropriate programme and project managers.

The result is improved performance in achieving beneficial change within an organisation, and improved effectiveness and efficiency of senior managers’ time.

Who should attend

The course  is aimed  at  Directors and  Senior  Managers   of  public and private enterprises who need to maintain a balance between investing in change  and  business operations,who want   to  make sure that their portfolio of programmes  and  projects  is well balanced, resourced and delivered, and that programme and project managers  are adequately directed and controlled, while empowering them to deliver outcomes.

Course contents

1. ISO 38500 Corporate Governance of IT
  • Examine how ISO 38500 defines governance and understand the distinction between governance and management.
2. The OGC Best Practice Framework
  • Analyse how the OGC Best practice guides implement the distinction between governance and management by distinguishing between:
    • Directing a Project and Managing a Project (PRINCE2)
    • Leading Change and Managing a Programme (MSP)
    • Governing a Portfolio and Managing a Portfolio (MoP).
3. Examining the Interaction
  • Examine how governance and management are intrinsically linked and inter-dependent.
4. Establishing Good Governance
  • The process of defining, planning, preparing, executing and assuring a framework of good governance of change.
5. Establishing Good Management
  • Reference to the OGC’s P3O guide to define, plan, prepare, execute and assure a framework of effective portfolio management, programme management and project management.

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