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Unfortunately, there are a lot of ‘consultants’ out there that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy about getting external advice, but then deliver a report that states everything you already know (along with a nice big invoice). At ALC, we do things differently.

By providing friendly, hard-working consultants who are experts in their fields, and a results focused approach, you can be assured that you’re getting the advice and solutions you’re after. If your business is facing challenges, then ALC is your answer.

A wide range of assistance available


We know that different businesses face different challenges, at different times. So we have an approach that hones in on your actual challenges to find a real world solution that you can put into action straight away.

We work across a variety of areas, including:

  • Process implementation challenges
  • Personal career development
  • Team building techniques
  • Identifying the causes of why stakeholder’s needs aren’t being met
  • Brainstorming facilitation, affinity mapping and pain value analysis for big commercial decisions
  • Process maturity and process capability assessments
  • And much more
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It’s all about improvement

By assessing your business against international standards, such as ITIL
and ISO/IEC 20000, we’ll give you a framework to make your processes more efficient. This will help you achieve your business goals, long term.
For everything from assigning team tasks to managing commercial risks,
we’ll give you greater visibility and control.

  • We'll assess your capability and business maturity against industry standards
  • Give you a baseline for compliance, capability and maturity, with detailed gap assessments and improvement reports
  • Benchmark your business against industry peers globally, so you’ll know how you’re performing
  • Improve your planning, execution, tracking and reporting. Whether it’s for individuals or a huge team, we’ll have the solutions.

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If you’re looking for an effective consulting solution that will take your business to the next level, then get in touch with us today for a FREE initial consultation. We’ll establish what your challenges are over the phone and give you an indication of the cost for solving them.

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After more than 20 years delivering quality training,
hear what our ALC alumni have to say

  • "Excellent service provided by ALC customer service. Trainer has exceptionally good training skills and brilliant style of communication. Excellent coach."
    Trainer: Michael Fong Principal  |  Fujitsu Australia Ltd
  • Laurence has incredible subject matter expertise and his person anecdotes added a lot to the learning.
  • Excellent course and while content was quite laborious and intense, Peter’s delivery was excellent; particularly the ‘war stories’ and examples provided.
  • Course trainer highly engaging and provided real world examples to support theory.

    University of Melbourne
  • “I found Leigh to be an excellent presenter, with just the right balance of training ability and practical experience. He was able to get the core concepts over to the course attendees clearly, and critically also able to clearly articulate answers to questions when asked, often with the addition of a personal experience anecdote to give relevancy. I would recommend him to anyone seeking training for TOGAF accreditation.”
    Solution Architect, Corporate Gas and Electricity Provider.
  • "For a course that is very content heavy, Leigh presented it in such a way that the course felt like it flew by during the day"
  • Excellent course that was very well presented and benefited immensely from Darren's practical experience in Service

    Management. Thanks Darren!

    National IT Manager | Information Technology

  • Dean was very thorough and was able to relate the ITIL framework to every day scenarios. This was invaluable. The layout of the training folder was easy to ready and colour made it feel more interactive.
    Change & Release Manager  |  Fujitsu Australia Limited
  • Peter’s real world samples went a long was in understanding the content. Waleed Al-Atm – Dept. Justice & Regulation


With internationally recognised accreditations you can be confident that ALC will help to advance your career