TechRisk Management Foundation: Course Overview | ALC Training News

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Information Technology is a fundamental enabler of business in the 21st century that has transformed business models across the globe.  But as well as creating untold opportunities, it has at the same time opened up a whole new range of business risk that has the potential to cause significant financial, reputational, regulatory, or strategic impact. This risk requires managing.

ALC’s TechRisk Management Foundation course is designed to give you a sound understanding and appreciation of both IT-enabled opportunity and risk, and to equip you to better guide your organisation toward optimising the IT risks you will encounter.

In just two days you will learn the key IT risk management concepts and principles in a straightforward and pragmatic way. Although aimed at Foundational level, the course includes methods and insights which will reward experienced risk, assurance, and compliance professionals as well.

The course includes a Foundation Certificate exam.

Jes Irving