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Module A1 – Advanced SABSA Risk Assurance & Governance

The SABSA® Institute of Professional Competency Framework is created from Bloom’s Taxonomy of Cognitive Levels. Advanced modules are not about mere knowledge – knowledge about SABSA has already been developed and tested at Foundation Level (SCF certification) – they are about the development and demonstration of competence to apply SABSA and achieve valuable results for the benefit of the organisation and the individual.

It provides employers and peers with confidence and assurance that a successful candidate has demonstrated in practical terms the real competence and ability to:

  • Analyse and assess business problems and business-driven requirements;
  • Apply, modify and customise the SABSA method to strategise and innovate specific solutions to meet the unique requirements of their organisation, culture and sector;
  • Design and create the work-product required to establish and operationalise SABSA for the solution strategies in their unique environment;
  • Assess, evaluate and test concepts and theories by populating the work-product they design for real-world application;
  • Apply and measurably demonstrate their skills under the pressure of examinations.

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