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Skilled workers are the backbone of nearly every industry, and any shortage is usually going to mean problems for businesses. According to new research from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), this is a growing issue for CEOs.

The leaders are now extremely concerned about the impact of skills shortages, and it ranks higher than any point in the past six years. Organisations may want to start considering training in a framework to create a more effective, and oftentimes more engaged, workforce.

A closer look: how big of an issue is this?

PwC interviewed a substantial 1,300 CEOs, and three-quarters said that it's now such an issue that it ranks as the biggest threat to business. What's more, it's a 10 percentage point jump from 2014.

"Despite rising business confidence and ambitious hiring plans, organisations are struggling more than ever to find the right people with the right skills to achieve their growth plans. The digital age has transformed the skills shortage from a nagging worry for CEOs into something more challenging," Leader of PwC's global people and organisation practice Jon Andrews explained.

"They desperately need people with strong technology skills that are adaptable and can work across different industries, but these people are hard to find and they can afford to charge a premium for their skills."

There is a solution, however – one that could prove useful for a number of organisations. By undertaking training in an IT or IT security framework, leaders can ensure their staff have access to much-needed technology skills.

Of course, it's also going to be essential to ramp up hiring initiatives in order to source candidates with the right skill sets – especially as the digital revolution continues in full force.

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