P3O Portfolio Programme and Project Offices: Course Overview | ALC Training News

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The P3O model was developed by the OGC (UK Office of Government Commerce) and is from the same stable as PRINCE2® and MSP®. It provides the structure, governance, functions and services required for defining a balanced portfolio of change and ensuring consistent delivery of programmes and projects across an organisation or department. It could successfully take many forms, all of which are explored with the P3O guidance – from a single all-encompassing physical office to a complex model made up of a permanent Portfolio Office supported by permanent hubs and temporary Programme/Project Offices.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach – in a large government department or large corporate, the P3O model may be the ideal, however, in a small organisation the P3O model may simply be a single individual acting as a multi-tasking P3O officer.

ALC offers a 5-day two module training and certification program comprising the Foundation Certificate (3 days) followed by the Practitioner Certificate (2 days). The Foundation module can be taken on its own.

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