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P3O Foundation (Days 1-3)

This course comprehensively covers concepts, terms and theory and is packed full of real world examples and sample exercises.

1. Agile Project Management Fundamentals
  • Setting the scene, value of having a P3O model and the consequences  of not having a P3O, how to create the business case.
2.  What is a P3O Model?
  • Overview of models, functions and services, roles and responsibilities and integration into the organisation.
3. How to Implement a P3O Model
  • Lifecycle, stages of delivery, delivery, review and lessons learned, closure and benefits review.
4.  How to Operate – Tools and Techniques
  • Benefits, critical success factors, tools, techniques and tailoring approaches.
5. Roles and Responsibilities
  • Include management and generic roles and functional-based roles.
6. Foundation  Exam


P3O Practitioner (Days 4-5)

This module thoroughly deals with the practical application of P3O and works extensively through case studies. The course finishes with an exam review and then the actual Practitioner exam.

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