Office 365 Security & Compliance : Learning Outcomes | ALC Training News

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From this course you will learn how to best apply Microsoft security capabilities across Microsoft 365 and Azure as well as implementing operational security using Azure Sentinel and managing ongoing compliance and reporting. While previous exposure and understanding of Microsoft 365, Azure and security technologies is not essential, it can provide useful context.

The course will cover:

  • All the key areas of how to consider the threat landscape of cloud services, assess your environment, identify security controls, and determine how they should be implemented in a digital online environment
  • How Microsoft 365 ATP technologies can secure the modern workplace
  • How compliance requirements can be effectively implemented and reported
  • How data is managed and protected in Office 365 and how Azure Sentinel can be leveraged to provide advanced and automated security operations to your organisation.

A demo environment will be provided but attendees can also sign up for a month free trial –