MSP® Managing Successful Programs (5 Day): Who Should Attend | ALC Training News

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The MSP Foundation & Practitioner course module is appropriate for:

  • Senior Executives
  • Programme Sponsors
  • Programme Managers
  • Business Change Managers
  • Programme and project management consultants

MSP Foundation is invaluable for individuals who are interested in learning how to manage multiple projects and programmes successfully. It is designed to support programme or project managers, people working in a programme office, business change managers, and programme and project delivery team members who wish to gain a greater understanding of the MSP guidance to work more effectively in large scale project or programme environments.

MSP Practitioner is designed for project, programme and business change managers who want to apply the MSP framework to real-life scenarios. Practitioner is a must-have certification for both project and programme management professionals who need to deliver organizational value for their employers and to boost their careers.

"Sue is an excellent trainer and one of the best that I have had the experience of learning from. Her style and pace of teaching was very conducive to learning and understanding the MSP principles, themes, processes and their relatedness. I really appreciated her talking through and drawing the diagrams as she explained key concepts as I learn best by having visual representations. "

- Live Virtual Training, 2021

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