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Duration 2 days Foundation / 2 days Practitioner

Many  organisations   focus  on   the   performance   of  individual projects, or at best on the performance  of individual programmes and projects, rather than on the performance  of the sum-total of all their change initiatives ie, the portfolio. This makes it difficult to properly evaluate the cumulative effect that change initiatives will have on the organisation and to coordinate the implementation of change so as to safeguard  the integrity of business operations.

To address  this, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has recently published the MoP Guide (Management  of Portfolios) to accompany the already existing guidance for Programme Management (MSP®) and Project Management (PRINCE2®).

Portfolio Management is concerned  with:

  • ensuring that the programmes and projects undertaken are the right ones in the context of the organisation’s strategic objectives
  • successful delivery at a collective level
  • that benefits realisation is maximised
  • that lessons learned are identified and applied in the future.

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