Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Worksho: Course Overview | ALC Training News

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The Azure Artificial Intelligence (AI) workshop is an ideal course for technology and data professionals who wish to get start quickly on the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform. It is a technical 1-day course designed to bring candidates real-world, hands-on experience in using Azure Databricks, Azure Machine Learning Workspace and Compute, Spark Structured Stream and Spark Dataframes.

The course is designed for those starting off in AI, right through to seasoned data scientists who wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of Azure and Python.

In addition to the hands-on lab exercise, and access to online labs for 180 days, the course also includes a architecture and design component, where candidates will work in a group whiteboard design session to architect and design the optimal Azure solution for a real business problem.

This unique ALC workshop outlines the a real problem space focusing on the use of machine learning to assess whether a vehicle product is compliant to regulations and how to predict preventative vehicle maintenance. Candidates learn how to use automated machine learning, model lifecycle management and construct deep learning models for natural language processing (NLP). Finally, candidates learn to compare data with PyTorch and Keras for deep learning.

The knowledge and techniques gained can be applied to a range of regulatory compliance scenarios and predictive maintenance challenges.

Jes Irving