Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence Worksho: Course Contents | ALC Training News

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1. AI Concepts
  • What is Artificial Intelligence
  • What is Deep Learning
  • What is Machine Learning
  • What is Natural Language Processing
  • What are Analytics
2. Azure Hands-On Lab
  • Lab Solution Architecture
  • Create your Databricks account
  • Create a Databricks cluster
  • Install libraries
  • Upload the Databricks notebook archive
  • Create Machine Learning Workspace
  • Creating a forecast model using automated machine learning (ML)
  • Understanding the automated ML generated forecast model using model explainability.
  • Creating a deep learning model (RNN) for time series data
  • Using a forecast model for scoring of streaming telemetry
  • Creating a deep learning text classification model
  • Clean up resources
3. Azure Concepts & Solution Architecture
  • Ingestion using Azure IoT Hub pr Azure Event Hubs
  • Azure Storage
  • Model training using Azure Databricks with PyTorch and Keras
  • Model management using Azure Machine Learning workspace
  • Automated machine learning using Azure Machine Learning Compute
  • Stream data processing using Azure Databricks with Spark Structured Streaming
  • Batch data processing using Azure Databricks with Spark DataFrames
  • Alert storage using Cosmos DB
  • Alert sending using Azure Function
4. Whiteboard Design
  • Review the customer case study
  • Design the AI solution
  • Present the AI solution
  • Discussion of the preferred AI solution case study
  • Alternative architectures
  • Azure Architecture Center
  • Feedback
  • Wrap-Up

Jes Irving