Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301): Learning Outcomes | ALC Training News

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Find out how to:

  • Determine workload requirements including functional, non-functional and compliance requirements
  • Optimise a consumption strategy
  • Design an auditing and monitoring solution using Azure Policies, Monitoring and Security Centre
  • Integrating SaaS services on Azure using Bot Services, Machine Learning and Cognitive Services
  • Design for identity and security, including authentication, authorisation, RBAC and single-sign-on, using Azure Active Directory, MFA, Privileged Identity Management and Key Vault
  • Design a solution to identify and prevent identity risks, using Azure Active Directory, Advanced Threat Protection and Identity Protection
  • Design a Monitoring Strategy for Identity and Security, using Azure Monitor, Service Health and Activity Logs
  • Design a data platform solution using Azure Storage, NoSQL, Cosmos DB and Web Apps
  • Design a business continuity strategy using Availability Zones, Regions, SQL and Azure Site Recovery
  • Design for deployment, migration, and integration using Azure Functions, Service Fabric, High-Performance Compute, Web Apps and Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Design an infrastructure strategy using the Azure Architecture Center, Performance Patterns, Load Balancing, Availability Sets and Azure Virtual Networks.