KCS® Knowledge Centred Service – v6 Practices: Exams and Stuff | ALC Training News

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NOTE: The KCS v6 Practices Exam is NOT included in the course fees. Participants register for the exam directly with the KCS Academy. 

The KCS v6 Practices Certification is offered by the KCS Academy. The certification standards and exam are developed and maintained by a committee of members from the Consortium for Service Innovation. The KCS Academy is the certifying body for KCS as designated by the Consortium for Service Innovation (the owners of KCS).

For more information on fees and how to register for the exam please click here. 


The Consortium for Service Innovation

The Consortium is a nonprofit alliance of service and support organisations focused on innovation around customer engagement, productivity, and success.

Members create innovative operational models through a process of collective thinking and experience. The Consortium’s work integrates academic research and emerging business trends with members’ operational perspectives. The results are new strategies and models that improve the customer experience.

KCS Knowledge Centred Service is an initiative of the Consortium.

Jes Irving