ITIL® 4 Strategist: Direct, Plan & Improve: Course Contents | ALC Training News

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1. Recap of ITIL Foundation
2. Introduction
  • Organizations, people, and culture
  • Why direction, planning, and improvement matter
  • Direction
  • Planning
  • Improvement
  • The role of measurement and reporting
  • Direction, planning, and improvement of the ITIL SVS
  • Applying the guiding principles
  • Value, outcomes, costs, and risks in direct, plan, and improve
  • Direction, planning, and improvement for everyone
3. Strategy and Direction
  • Strategy management
  • Defining the structures and methods used to direct behaviours and make decisions
  • The role of risk management in direction, planning, and improvement
  • Portfolio management: a key decision-making practice
  • Direction via governance, risk, and compliance
4. Assessment and Planning
  • Basics of assessment
  • Basics of planning
  • Introduction to value stream mapping
5. Measurement and Reporting
  • Basics of measurement and reporting
  • Types of measurements
  • Measurement and the four dimensions
  • Measurement of products and services
6. Continual Improvement
  • Creating a continual improvement culture
  • Continual improvement of the service value chain and practices
  • Continual improvement in organizations
  • The continual improvement model
  • Using measurement and reporting in continual improvement
7. Communication and Organisational Change Management
  • Basics of effective communication
  • Identifying and communicating with stakeholders
  • Basics of OCM
8. Developing a Service Value System
  • Adopting the guiding principles
  • Centre of excellence for service management
  • The four dimensions of service management in the SVS
9. Bringing It Together
  • Modern leadership
  • Using the guiding principles for direction, planning, and improvement
10) Exam Preparation
  • Exam techniques
  • Sample Exam(s)

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