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100% Satisfaction Rating with ALC Virtual Training

On a 4-point scale Excellent, Good, Fair and Poor, 81% of ALC customers rate ALC’s Live Virtual Training as Excellent and all the rest rated as Good. That is a 100% satisfaction rating! After 27 years of traditional classroom training we readily admit we had some apprehensions about Virtual. But the results have significantly exceeded our expectations. What we have found is that, in the end, the technology doesn’t get in the way. What it comes down to is the quality of the trainer, and that is what we have always built our reputation upon.

Book with confidence with Australia’s longest-serving provider of ITIL training, since 1999!

ITIL 4 – the Ultimate in IT Service Management

ITIL 4 is widely seen as a game changer that has breathed new life into IT Service Management. The ITIL 4 Foundation training is an advanced guidance that prepares organisations for success in their digital transformation journey by focusing on creating and delivering value to their customers. The result of a great amount of global research and development work across IT and service management industries, the latest ITIL 4 has been designed to help organisations meet the increasing challenges of today’s complex digital environment by integrating concepts from Agile, DevOps and Design Thinking. 

ITIL 4 Foundation

The ITIL Foundation certification course is the essential starting point for anyone wanting to get started in ITIL. No longer a “nice to have” but a “must have” for any organisation or department or individual serious about improving IT Service Management.

"I enjoyed virtual training from the comfort of my home. Plenty of breaks given. Neil is very experienced and his concepts are very clear. We did well on the practice tests and feel confident about taking the exam. "

- ITIL 4, Virtual Class, April 2020

ITIL 4 Certification Scheme

You can get a good idea of the new ITIL 4 Certification Scheme in the diagram below.  The Scheme comprises a number of modules:

  • ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate – the entry level to ITIL 4 Certification
  • Three ITIL Specialist modules (Create, Deliver & Support; Drive Stakeholder Value; High Velocity IT)
  • ITIL Strategist
  • ITIL Leader

There are three high-level designations that can be attained:

  • ITIL Managing Professional (MP)
  • ITIL Strategic Leader (SL)
  • ITIL Master, the highest level certification.

To obtain the ITIL Managing Professional (MP) or ITIL Strategic Leader (SL) designations you must complete all modules in each stream, with ITIL Strategist being common to both.

NOTE: There is no transition module (bridging course) from ITIL v3 Foundation to ITIL 4 Foundation.  If you already have ITIL v3 Foundation and wish to take an ITIL 4 Specialist/Strategist/Leader course, then the recommended approach is to first take ITIL 4 Foundation in order to be able to transition to the new scheme.



Live Virtual Training

Due to COVID-19 government restrictions, face-to-face classroom training may not be available in your location.  We are watching the situation closely and will resume with face-to-face training at the earliest opportunity.

However, the good news is that ITIL Foundation is available as Live Virtual Training (LVT). You get the same world-class trainer and the same excellent training that you would normally get from ALC. It is fully live and interactive. The only difference is that the ITIL 4 Foundation course is conducted online.

Live Virtual Training has been around for quite a while and is a well-proven delivery method. Get ITIL® Training Live, Instructor Led, virtually run online from your home, office or wherever you have a computer and a good internet connection!

Jes Irving