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In today's busy global marketplace there are a huge number of international and domestic companies vying for space. For businesses to survive, it is essential to have a point of difference or a unique selling point (USP). For some businesses it could be having highly trained staff, such as individuals with ITIL certification, for others it might be a patented product or service.

PRINCE2 training can help managers deliver digital marketing projects.

However, a company's point of difference is only as good as the marketing strategy it uses to communicate its brand to consumers. So how can PRINCE2 training help individuals implement an effective and successful marketing strategy.

What is digital marketing?

By now most people will have heard of the term digital marketing. But what does it mean? In its simplest form, digital marketing is the communication and promotion of products, brands and people through one or more types of electronic media. 

One of the major distinctions between digital and more traditional forms of marketing is that the former involves the use of techniques and channels that allow businesses to assess the effectiveness of a campaign. Through real-time information, marketers can learn what is and what is not working. From monitoring customer touchpoints to measuring the success of sales conversations, digital marketers have the ability to access up-to-date information from a range of channels, including social media platforms and instant messaging. 

Digital marketing is important for a number of reasons. With consumers having near instant access to information no matter where they are, customers are not only exposed to what a company says about its brand but what other sources say too. As such, it's highly important a business stays in control of its image

How could PRINCE2 help digital marketers?How could PRINCE2 training help digital marketers?

So how can PRINCE2 be used in digital marketing?

Like many other industries, digital marketing can be founded on a range of projects – depending on the style and structure of the business. With PRINCE2 being one of the world's leading project management methodologies, it is well positioned to successfully deliver variety of small to medium-sized digital projects

PRINCE2 has a number of tools that project managers can use to deliver successful and on-point projects. Management by Exception is an example of a principle that can be of value to digital marketers. 

As today's commercial world is characterised by disruptive forces and quick changes in consumer behaviour, projects need to be delivered on time and to budget. Management by Exception ensures that project managers are not overloading senior leaders with too much detail as the project transitions between stages. This principle ensures projects are delivered according to the outlined timeline and without becoming bureaucratic and static. 

PRINCE2 training courses can ensure senior management is not inundated with information.PRINCE2 training courses can ensure senior management is not inundated with information.

What can make a digital marketing project better?

PRINCE2 training can ensure managers clearly define roles while offering strong, directed guidance, helping them and their teams remove the challenge from executing strategy. With rigorous project control through the method's guidance, a project manager can reduce risk and ensure that they complete the goals they set up.

Digital marketing is characterised by cross-disciplinary approaches, for instance, web designers can find themselves working side by side with copy editors. Teams comprised of people with a range of different skills and experiences can be an obstacle to the clear understanding of their duties. 

One way to boost the effectiveness of PRINCE2 is to have an entire team trained in its method, not just the project manager. By doing this, team members can speak a common project management language and bring a level of clarity to the project. 

If you would like to know how PRINCE2 training courses can benefit your organisation, talk to a representative at ALC Training today. With clear terminology and processes, companies can reduce the tension that comes from misunderstandings and ensure projects are executed effectively.

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