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The recent data breach of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) shows not only that governments aren’t above being hacked, but that the greatest opponents may be foreign governments themselves.

The scope of government-funded cybercrime was recognised in September, 2015, when a deal made between the US and Chinese presidents called for neither government to knowingly conduct or support the theft of intellectual property through the use of cybercrime tactics.

Securing your network is crucial to protecting your company's data.Securing your network is crucial to protecting your company’s data.

In a report released by FireEye, the IT security company suggests that public reports exposing the level of involvement China has in economic espionage gave the US government sufficient knowledge and support to confront China about the level of cybercrime.

Russia joins the cyberwarfare battlefield

The report from FireEye indicates a steady decrease in Chinese-led cyberespionage. However, that hasn’t stopped Russia-based hacker groups from positioning themselves at the front of this global security war, highlighting the need for increased IT security training.

In a recent post on Peerlyst – an online information security community – Jarno Limnell of Aalto University in Finland detailed how increased cyberaggression from Russia could have terrifying implications further down the line if not met with resistance.

“Russia has the ability and will to carry out denial-of-service attacks, develop sophisticated malware, and exploit unknown software vulnerabilities,” he noted.

In contrast to China – where cyberespionage has shown a large direction toward economic disruption – Russia-based hackers are more led toward scouting networks and determining the feasibility of future attacks.

“Russian cyber activities focus primarily on intelligence gathering and military reconnaissance of critical infrastructure networks. It has to be remembered that today’s intelligence operations enable tomorrow’s actions, and Russia is mapping networks to determine the resources necessary for future attacks,” Limnell wrote.

Democrats lose their trump card

Following the data breach of the DNC – in which hackers spent months within the system to target the opposition research on Donald Trump – Russia-based cyberattacks were declared the greatest threat to the United States’ national security, according to Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

A single record of healthcare or education data is valued at US$355 and $246 respectively.

Choosing the appropriate security framework is an essential first step to addressing this type of threat, as a security framework will provide a common language that can be shared by professionals.

This means that any potential network attacks or undesirable situations that may arise can be handled swiftly and with clear communication – providing a solution to the problem before the issue can exacerbate itself.

Data breaches across all industry

For any company, no matter how small, a loss of data can be a costly thing. According to research sponsored by IBM and conducted by Ponemon Institute, while Australia is one of the two least likely countries in the world to experience a data breach, having your business’ data compromised is still a financial nightmare.

The report estimates the cost of data breaches across a number of industries – with a single record of healthcare or education data valued at US$355 and $246 respectively.

With the lowest average figure belonging to the public sector at $80 – and data breaches reported by Symantec exposing up to 191 million records in a single attack –  it’s clear that this kind of network assault can cause serious damage regardless of the industry.

Choosing the right security framework is vital to the health of your business.Choosing the right security framework is vital to the health of your business.

The framework of security with ALC Training

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