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If you're looking to upskill your employees to face the challenges of new projects and technology implementations – not to mention security – then frameworks and methodologies are certainly the answer.

These proven tools can provide a solid foundation for your staff, ensuring they're ready to face a number of challenges. Of course, it's important that workers undertake the right training and certification to get the most out of a particular framework or method.

Whether it's ITIL, PRINCE2 or SABSA, businesses need to consider powerful frameworks.

How ITIL can foster transformation

IT has fast become the centre of attention in businesses across the globe and it's now used for everything from internal staff development to creating stronger ties with customers.

For example, businesses use IT systems to manage staff and expand operations, as well as developing new applications for customers. A focus on mobile has also arisen in turn, with mobile communication and productivity now necessities for all companies.

The ITIL framework is designed specifically to help both organisations and individuals realise transformation through IT and offer continuous benefits over the long term. This is a framework that can be used time and again.

Key benefits include:

  • The ability to optimise customer experiences
  • Enable business change
  • Drive continuous improvements
  • Deliver cost-effective transformation

Managing a project with PRINCE2

It's important to effectively run projects, regardless of whether they're tiny two-day conferences or large endeavours taking place over several months.

If they aren't managed correctly this opens the door to rampant cost and deadline overruns.

The answer to project management concerns is PRINCE2, an essential tool for guidance for individuals and organisations running a project.

One of the best things about PRINCE2 is that it's exceptionally easy to learn and flexible enough to meet the needs of various projects. Like ITIL, this makes it a perfect tool that can be used time and again over the long term, for different projects within the company.

This framework was developed by the UK government, and is used throughout the public and private sector. This is for good reason too, as it offers best practice in project management.

PRINCE2 certainly needs to be considered to ensure projects never go off track.

Placing emphasis on security with SABSA

Security is a growing concern in the business world, especially with the seemingly never ending onslaught of cyberattacks against large corporations and governments across the globe.

These leave organisations facing crippling financial issues and rampant reputation damage – certainly difficult to overcome.

What's needed is a capable tool designed to ensure that the security architectures of organisations are up to task of protecting against new cyber threats.

The final framework is SABSA, a methodology designed for enterprise security architecture and service management. This is the world's leading open security architecture framework and methodology and is designed to handle the entire security process.

SABSA guides companies from the concept stages through to design, development, implementation and management. This means businesses are using a tool that leaves nothing to chance – vital when it comes to security.

Choosing a provider

These frameworks and methods may sound difficult to implement, but it's only a matter of using the right certifications and provider.

These experienced professionals ensure that all necessary topics are covered as part of the certification, placing companies in the best possible position to take advantage of the tools.

ALC Training offers ITIL, PRINCE2, SABSA and a range of other courses in cities both within Australia and across the globe. These courses are suited to groups of any size, whether it's a small team or an entire department.

Get in touch today if you'd like to get up to speed on the latest frameworks and certifications.

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