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The age of connected everything is here. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), every type of object and device can connect to the internet and send and receive data.

It's really as simple as that. In a business, for example, sensors in vehicles could tell fleet managers when it's time to replace tyres, while sensors in a printer could tell an office manager when the machine is due for maintenance or even just a toner refill.

Any proliferation of the IoT, however, means seriously considering more effective ways of managing the trend.

Recently, research organisation Gartner came forward to explain several important areas of focus for businesses entering this new age. Here are two of the most pertinent:

1) Security

With businesses likely connecting a number of new devices and objects to company networks, and these devices sharing information constantly, it's easy to see how security issues could come about. If anyone of malicious intent was able to access the data being sent and received, they could possibly view sensitive information.

It's going to be vital to place security as a top consideration, even though it may seem more worthwhile to focus solely on connecting as many devices as possible.

2) Device management

Device – or "thing" – management is an equally important consideration. Every connected device and object will need to be managed and monitored on a regular basis, both for the security implications noted above and in order to identify any possible problems.

Gartner explained that it's here where tools will be useful. Organisations will need to be able to constantly monitor the devices and objects in use in order to ensure they're reporting back correctly.

Of course, how should those in charge of IT take to managing such massive trends within the context of the business? Effective IT governance frameworks are one possible solution, but it's a good idea to reach out to the experts first.

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