Facilitation Certificate – Foundation / Practitioner: Learning Outcomes | ALC Training News

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Benefits for Individuals

  • Gain the skills and expertise to become an effective facilitator, capable of operating in a wide variety of situations.
  • Develop an understanding of a structure and framework to help you introduce a facilitated approach to improvement, innovation and change in an organization.
  • Learn a wide range of practical and usable tools and techniques, which can help facilitate groups to handle uncertainty, and provide processes to enable the group to solve problems and develop answers to key questions.
  • Manage project team members and enable them to identify key issues.
  • Develop robust solutions through creative thinking and effective selection of options.
  • Launch projects effectively by defining the objectives and key outcomes of a project or programme.
  • Complement all other professional qualifications by learning skills which produce results faster and more effectively.

Benefits for Organisations

  • Assist organizations to tackle difficult challenges using best practice facilitation methods.
  • Make certain robust solutions can be delivered in an effective, timely and constructive way that won’t compromise on the key issues.
  • Enable organizations to involve and engage people at all levels, using a collaborative approach to facilitate change.
  • Ensure the delivery of projects on time, to budget and within time scales.
  • Implement a common language to improve communication and understanding both within teams and throughout an organisation.

Deb Kirman