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Managing projects successfully while incorporating client feedback can be a daunting task, one that PRINCE2 methodology aims to address and mitigate.

For IT professionals who have spent many years researching and studying the best and most up-to-date framework or methodology for managing projects, PRINCE and the more flexible PRINCE2 will already be familiar terms.

We at ALC training offer a number of higher-level IT project management training to assist with the choosing and implementation of PRINCE2, alongside a range of in-depth courses from foundation to expert level.

Over 85 per cent of those holding PRINCE2 certification feel that it has been valuable to their career.

Why PRINCE2 holds the management crown

Chances are, even if you aren’t using PRINCE2 currently, there’s a possibility that you’re managing your projects with something similar. This is because PRINCE2 is a method that doesn’t redesign the process involved, but merely refines it.

By bringing together commonalities such as names and descriptions within a structure that anyone trained in PRINCE2 can understand, your IT teams can experience a much higher flexibility of communication.

The other shining benefit of the methodology is that, in contrast to the first version of PRINCE – designed primarily for the management of IT projects – PRINCE2 can be applied to any project, no matter the nature or size.

Agile consumed the world over

Although your IT team may be perfectly capable of communicating the importance or benefits of this technology to leaders within your business, understanding PRINCE2 at many different levels can be difficult.

According to a report published by AXELOS, employers are potentially missing out on the benefits of incorporating PRINCE2 methodology into their business practices, despite an overwhelming amount of employees seeing the value it can offer.

More than 80 per cent of those surveyed – across a range of industry sectors and positions – feel using agile methods towards project management can benefit a company. More encouraging, 88 per cent of those holding PRINCE2 certification responded that it has been valuable in their career.

PRINCE2 can benefit any number of projects. PRINCE2 can benefit any number of projects.

Relevant information and timely training

Nikos Paxos, head of programme and project management for AXELOS, spoke about the value of PRINCE2 at every level of an organisation.

“It is encouraging to hear that so many people are gaining value by achieving their PRINCE2 certification. It was interesting to learn that senior management, operations and other functions from across the organisation find PRINCE2 valuable, not only to their role, but to their career,” said

We at ALC Training offer a suite of IT project management training courses, COBIT 5 and ITIL training – with learning options available at any level of management, from IT professional to business leader.

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