Directing a Project with PRINCE2®: Course Contents | ALC Training News

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1. Introduction
  • Introduction to course, format and presentation
2. Programmes and Projects
  • Overview of contexts in which projects are conducted
  • The relationships between projects and programmes
  • Introduction to distinction between directing and managing projects
3. PRINCE2 Structure
  • Overview of the four fundamental aspects of PRINCE2
  • Principles, Processes, Themes and Concepts
4. Project Management Organisation
  • Roles involved in managing project
5. The Business Case
  • How PRINCE2 project is justified from beginning to end
  • How the project board are accountable
  • Ways to ensure a project is viable, achievable and desirable
6. PRINCE2 Approach to Quality
  • Customer quality expectations
  • Quality and Quality control
  • Product based planning techniques
7. Managing by Exception
  • The key to directing the project effectively
  • How to exercise control and delegating management to project manager
8. Directing a Project
  • Clarifying how the project board members direct a project
  • Summary

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