Directing a Portfolio of Programmes and Projects: Course Contents | ALC Training News

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1. ISO 38500 Corporate Governance of IT
  • Examine how ISO 38500 defines governance and understand the distinction between governance and management.
2. The OGC Best Practice Framework
  • Analyse how the OGC Best practice guides implement the distinction between governance and management by distinguishing between:
    • Directing a Project and Managing a Project (PRINCE2)
    • Leading Change and Managing a Programme (MSP)
    • Governing a Portfolio and Managing a Portfolio (MoP).
3. Examining the Interaction
  • Examine how governance and management are intrinsically linked and inter-dependent.
4. Establishing Good Governance
  • The process of defining, planning, preparing, executing and assuring a framework of good governance of change.
5. Establishing Good Management
  • Reference to the OGC’s P3O guide to define, plan, prepare, execute and assure a framework of effective portfolio management, programme management and project management.

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