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The CRISC Exam 

The CRISC exam prep course is set, conducted and marked by ISACA. All exams will be conducted online via computer-based testing centres around the world.

Exam vouchers via ALC

You can book your CRISC exam direct with ISACA (see below) or else you can purchase an exam voucher via ALC (we are an ISACA Accredited Channel Partner) and have both course and exam on the one invoice.

If you want to purchase the CRISC Examination Voucher via ALC please make sure, when making your online registration, that you indicate “CRISC Course + Exam” in the COMMENTS field and that you choose the PAY BY INVOICE option (do not select the PAY BY CARD option).

The voucher will be issued to you at the end of the course together with full instructions as to how to register for the exam. Please note that the actual exam registration is done direct with ISACA using the voucher code issued to you.

For more information on how to register for an ISACA exam, please refer to the exams page on the ISACA website.


So as to obtain the ISACA CRISC Certification, the following requirements must be met:

  • Pass the CRISC Exam (ALC’s Training course provides full preparation to successfully pass the exam)
  • Have the relevant full-time work experience* in the CRISC Job Practice Areas
  • Submit the CRISC Certification Application including Application Processing Fee

Deb Kirman