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Let's not beat around the proverbial bush, the internet has transformed the lives of literally billions of people. It has opened up a number of new potential employment opportunities through quality IT security training and other such courses. Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to technology, which is having a major impact on social equality.

Qualifications, such as ITIL certification, are opening up new avenues of employment.

Yet, could the simple smartphone be the answer to the gender gap?

Smart phone use down for women

A new study by the Pew Research Centre found disparities exist in smartphone ownership and pointed out that male users outnumbered female users in nearly half of all the countries studied.

The survey was conducted in 40 countries with Mexico, Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana accounting for the most significant disparities. Yet, there were also gaps in developed countries such as the UK and Germany – although the inequality was less severe.

But why are these statistics so important and how could the smart phone help women close the gap?

How does the internet empower women?How does the internet empower women?

Improving access to the internet a game changer

A 2013 report from Intel showed that close to 25 per cent fewer women have access to the world wide web than their male counterparts. For countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, this soars to nearly 45 per cent. Yet, even in the advanced economic centres of the world – such as Europe – similar gaps are visible. For instance, in parts of the EU, the disparity between women is close to 30 per cent. 

In higher-income countries such as France and the United States, women tend to exceed men in internet usage. The report argues that just having access to the Internet can improve a women's income and inspire them to greater heights

Specifically, throughout the surveyed countries, close to half of the female respondents said they use the internet to both search and apply for jobs – while 30 per cent use the internet to develop additional income streams. 

Smartphones are a great way to access the internet and attain the benefits it can offer. By increasing the number of smartphones in the hands of women both at work in their personal life, could make a difference the gender pay gap.

Technology and access to the internet is more than just a place to play games, it can also generate new revenue streams and increase a person's sense of empowerment. If you would like to find out how you can capitalise on the advancement of technology, talk to the experts at ALC Training.  

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