Cloud Computing Executive Overview : Course Contents | ALC Training News

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1. Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Overview of Cloud
  • Benefits of Cloud
  • Five Cloud Characteristics (NIST)
  • Three Cloud Service Models (NIST)
  • Four Cloud Deployment Models (NIST)

2. Cloud Security & Compliance Challenges

  • Understanding of security, compliance and risk
  • Roles and responsibilities between cloud consumers and cloud providers
  • Assessing and understanding cloud provider security
  • Overview and usage of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) resources, such as the cloud controls matrix (CCM) and the consensus assessment initiative (CAI)
  • Understanding of data responsibility and jurisdiction
  • The role and structure of service level agreements (SLAs)

3. Cloud Technical and Organisational Challenges

  • Overview of cloud application design considerations
  • Understand the implications of big data
  • Understand the cloud application lifecycle
  • Describe the key principles of cloud automation and testing
  • Harnessing the power of shadow IT

4. Cloud Computing Deployment Models

  • Overview of public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models
  • Broad understanding of Microsoft, Amazon and Google cloud services scope