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When deciding on a security framework, it’s important that you choose the most applicable and appropriate set of foundation technology and software that suits your business and company needs.

Below, we’ll look at our SABSA® offerings, and how our courses are structured to provide you with the most effective and relevant IT security training possible.

Discovering SABSA framework

SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) is a foundation framework and methodology that is applicable for service management and enterprise security architecture.

It can be considered the world’s leading open security framework and allows trained individuals to conceptualise, design and manage security in a business.

In fact, we at ALC believe the term “business-driven” is key to SABSA’s power, as the framework allows a company to conduct business on their own terms, while having constant assurance of the security level in the network.

The SABSA roadmap

So you’re considering SABSA training for yourself or the IT team in your business – what’s next? 
Our training program is split in three distinct areas, providing a clear pathway for any individuals wanting to undertake SABSA training while remaining flexible about their career options:

In contrast to other training courses, the SABSA roadmap provides a non-specific, mix-and-match process, opening up any of the main career areas upon completion; risk, assurance and governance, architectural design, crisis management and more.


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What to expect from your first training course

When you set out to begin your training, it’s unlikely that you’ll know exactly where you want to go. With the flexibility offered in the training courses, you can ensure that no matter the direction your training takes you, we’re here to help guide you on the best career path.

Within the SABSA foundation course, we cover security strategy and planning, as well as service management and design, with the five-day course leading to SABSA Foundation certification and further IT governance training.

Expert support with ALC Training

We at ALC can provide an extensive range of training courses that cover a wide range of topics and specialisations. Above, you can see how following the SABSA pathway can lead to many different career paths, but this is only one of the courses offered by ALC Training.

To discover more about our range of courses and programs that includes ITIL, ISO 27001 and COBIT 5 training, get in touch with our specialist team of trainers today.

Deb Kirman