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In today's digitally enabled business environment, having the right IT skills within an organisation is essential for it to run smoothly and keep up with new innovations.

With statistics revealing a skill shortage for IT-related jobs, many businesses may be looking for a way to combat the impending slump in human resources by upskilling their professionals with training courses such as ITIL certification. This will be an important step in ensuring that the market continues to function through their technology infrastructures in the future.

Australia is likely to need around 100,000 new IT workers in the next six years.

What is the impact of an IT skill shortage?

According to a 2015 report by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the IT industry is experiencing expansion at such a rate that there is likely to be a need for another 100,000 technology professionals within the next six years. This high level of future demand suggests that there may be a skill shortage for IT in the future, which could potentially have detrimental effects for businesses.

"The contribution from ICT to Australia's economy, and our successfully meeting our productivity challenges, are at risk if we don't ensure there is an adequate workforce equipped with the necessary ICT skills. We urgently need to boost both awareness and opportunity around ICT skills development," said the Director of Deloitte Access Economics John O'Mahony.

In addition, the report revealed that the nature of IT work is changing, with businesses of all kinds now needing the expertise to cope with evolving technology frameworks. This is demonstrated by that fact that 52 per cent of tech professionals worked in industries outside of IT.

"We need to look beyond stereotypes and see the future ICT professionals with new eyes, with digital disruption creating jobs requiring ICT skills within a diverse range of sectors and professions," said Andrew Johnson, CEO of ACS.

Training can help your businesses gain the expertise it needs.Training can help your businesses gain the expertise it needs.

How can training help?

Consequently, it has become apparent how important it is for businesses to cultivate the skills in their workforce that will enable them to effectively manage IT services.

While there are a number of avenues organisations can pursue to obtain these expertise, a 2015 report by Global Knowledge Training showed that 36 per cent of IT staff survey had participated in instructor-led training to boost their skills, along with 42 per cent of IT decision makers and 56 per cent of non-IT workers.

This trend demonstrates that courses led by an instructor, such as ITIL and IT governance training, are an effective way to boost IT management expertise and promote the continued advancement of a business.

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