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This training course follows the cycle, which is a best-practice model for implementing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery processes in your organisation.

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Properly implement Business Continuity end-to-end
  • Ask the right questions when choosing a Recovery Site
  • Develop a completed, customised plan
  • Integrate Pandemic preparedness into your overall BCP
  • Tackle Crisis Communications and media relations in a practical way
  • Identify, analyse and address your organisation’s risks
  • Achieve buy-in and commitment
  • Organise people to enable continuous maintenance of the Business Continuity Plan
  • Ensure confidence in the organisation’s recovery capability following a crisis
  • Establish your organisation’s essential business processes, rate these in terms of criticality and identify the activities and necessary resources within each process
  • Determine likely crisis scenarios and how these would impact operationally and financially on your organisation
  • Determine whether to invest in an off-site recovery facility or rather accept certain work-arounds
  • Ensure all agreed procedures for Crisis Management, emergency response, damage assessment, safety of staff, evacuation, trauma management, technical recovery and crisis communication are documented and updated
  • Test the Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure it can be trusted
  • Inform management and staff of the procedures and their role in the event of a disaster
  • Ensure that the Business Continuity Plan and related documents are updated and accessible
  • Prepare for upcoming APRA or other audits
  • Ensure when changes in the business, services, risks or priorities occur that these are incorporated and plans are continually optimised

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