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As the IT department continues to becomes a central part of an enterprise, the value of those with ITIL certification and COBIT 5 training will continue to rise. However, simply having certification is not always enough, you must also be able to manage teams and other employees.

Could self-affirmation help those with ITIL training perform better?

A recent study has even found that self-affirmation is an excellent way to deal with stress and boost performance.

Self-affirmation the secret to success

How many times have you found yourself in high-stress situations that have negatively impacted your performance? Unfortunately, stress is constant in the business world, but there are ways to overcome it. One that has grabbed the attention of leaders and managers is the use of self-affirmation.

A study from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology found those in low power positions can boost their performance through self-affirmation.

The study conducted three experiments to measure performance and found those in high-power roles were much better able to handle stress and deliver on performance. Yet, those in low power roles could match those with influence by setting high standards and telling themselves they could reach them.

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto Sonia Kang said people should think about aspects of themselves that make them feel good. 

"Anyone has the potential to do really well. It's how you respond under pressure that makes a key difference," she said.

"Anytime you have low expectations for your performance, you tend to sink down and meet those low expectations," Kang says. "Self-affirmation is a way to neutralise that threat."

Is self-affirmation the solution you have been looking for?Is self-affirmation the solution you have been looking for?

Building team performance through top-down encouragement

Being able to push yourself to greater heights is one thing, but having that effect on others is a whole new ball game. Yet, having the ability to manage and lead high-class teams is a central aspect of IT management roles. 

Luckily, there is a number of scientifically proven ways to increase performance. One – put forward by the researchers from the study – was to get employees to write down a self-affirmation before they begin working on any tasks.

Another way, proposed by researchers out of Pittsburgh, is to have employees outline their personal values before beginning their work. The researchers found that a questionnaire format helped participants boost their problem-solving skills in a high-stress environment. 

With team performance being a key indicator for so many IT managers, self-affirmation could be the way forward. If you would like to find out how you could build a culture of affirmation at your workplace, talk to the experts at ALC Training today

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