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Empowered and confident employees are more satisfied, more productive and more valuable than other, non-empowered employees.

This is according to a new study from Tel Aviv University, which may be food for thought for employers considering investing in further training and education for their workforce. 

The report – published in the journal Psychological Science – revealed that employees who feel powerful and in control at work are 26 per cent more satisfied as a result, when compared to co-workers who feel powerless.

This greater level of satisfaction results in improved performance and a greater sense of wellbeing, both significantly beneficial factors for the company as a whole. 

Dr Ron Cacioppe, managing director of Perth leadership and management consultancy firm Integral Development, says that successful organisations are those which provide employees with the opportunity to "succeed at their own merits". 

"Empowering every employee and allowing them to fulfil their greatest potential should be the goal of every organisation. The business world is too competitive to waste resources; every employee from entry-level to CEO is a valuable resource," said Mr Cacioppe.

Empowering your employees through training 

Empowering your employees is no easy feat. It requires careful consideration and planning, in order to ensure that workers are not given more freedom and responsibility than they are equipped to handle.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to empower your workforce is by providing them with training in critical fields that are relevant to their industry. 

For example, if your organisation employs the ITIL management framework or the COBIT governance framework, then providing staff with thorough and in-depth training in these platforms could allow them to reach a greater level of autonomy and satisfaction. 

As a result, your organisation will be more productive and effective, with employees empowered to tackle day-to-day tasks in a manner that aligns with both their professional goals and the wider goals of the business. 

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