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How Does Modern Musical Composition Echo The Trend of Big Data

  • Published on November 23, 2018
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I was very fortunate in 2011 to be awarded a Leading Edge Forum Grant to perform distinguished research on In-Memory Data Grid technologies (IMDG).  At the time, the term Big Data had not been coined, or at least I had never heard of it.  The 3 months of intensive study and research for the CSC […]

What You Can Learn About Change Management From Coca Cola and Nokia

  • Published on November 15, 2018
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Research suggests projects with great change management are six times more likely to achieve goals than those with poor change management. So change management is just about inevitable for any business looking to succeed for the long run, and since it’s so complex and challenging, a clear plan is critical.  Use the menu below to […]

What is Robotic Process Automation?

  • Published on November 12, 2018
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Robotic process automation, or RPA for short, is an emerging technology that allows you to automate business processes. It does this by mimicking the work of one or more users. I’ve seen this technology running on a thin-client machine, where the aim of the original business process was to create consulting codes. The diagram below, […]

What is the Difference between Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

  • Published on November 6, 2018
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There is often a lot of confusion around the differences between machine learning and deep learning.  Both are classed as techniques to enable artificial intellgence or AI.  But what is AI? AI is the ability to create a program or computer system that can fool a human into thinking it is another human.  There is […]