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How Agile Methodology Can Streamline Infrastructure Projects

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  • Published on August 27, 2018
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Infrastructure is one of the critical components of a healthy economy, though few people realise just how significant it is. To put it into numbers, a 10 percent rise in infrastructure assets improves a nation’s GDP by one percentage point. Nations that have poor infrastructure suffer when undertaking other large projects, because the roads are […]

The Benefits Of Agile Project Management For Financial Institutions

  • Published on August 17, 2018
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Agile project management offers advantages for financial institutions as competition from fintechs and regulatory pressures continue to challenge them. What are the possible benefits of agile for financial institutions? We look at some of the top challenges agile could help solve, including managing large teams. The red tape of financial services The financial sector’s critical […]

Why Government Contractors Need Agile Working Practices

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Organisations that deal with government agencies are facing a new wave of challenges. Small and medium sized contractors are feeling the bulk of these new tensions, but many of the issues apply to contractors of all sizes. Some of the current challenges facing contractors include: Government agencies are tightening their belts This means there are […]